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3M Scotchcast Connector Sealing Pack

  • 60 Shore D hardness
  • Has 8 to 12-minute gel time at 73 degrees F (23 degrees C)
  • Safeguards electrical spring connectors against water, dust, soil and other environmental elements
  • Comes in black color
  • Includes thermo-setting resin
  • Withstands temperatures of 250 degrees F (121 degrees C)
  • Elongates 57% longer than its original size for easy insulation or wrapping
  • Insulates electrical spring connectors
  • Stable at elevated temperatures up to 250 degrees F (121 degrees C)
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant

3M Scotchcast Electrical Resin 8

  • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resin 8 is a low-stress, highly moisture-resistant compound that cures at room temperature.
  • Offers long pot life, low viscosity, and is commonly used to coat printed circuit boards, pot connectors, and impregnate electrical and electronic components.

3M Scotchcast Flame-Retardant Compound 2131

  • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Flame-Retardant Compound 2131 is a two-part polyurethane resin designed to replace the cable jacket when splicing or repairing mine and portable cables.
  • It can withstand the rugged conditions under which mine and portable cables operate.

3M Scotchcast Re-Enterable Electrical Insulating Resin 2123

  • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Re-enterable Electrical Resin 2123 is a soft, two-part polybutadiene resin encapsulant designed especially for re-enterable splice protection.
  • It is formulated for virtually every electrical application requiring a soft, re-enterable resin.