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3M 1316 Magnet Tape

Product Description 3M Magnet Tape is a flexible, polymer bonded product coated on one side with the pressure sensitiveadhesive. The

3M 525W

  • Ambient temperature curing 
  • Convenient to use
  • Good insulation 
  • Excellent UV resistance 
  • Outstanding flexibility 
  • Good heating resistance 
  • Good flame retardant performance

3M Armorcast Structural Material 4560-15

  • Flexible fiberglass knit fabric strip, saturated with a curable black urethane resin syrup that starts to cure after adding water
  • Once wet, the fiber strip becomes tacky and sticks to itself
  • Compatible with coaxial, copper, fiber cables, polyethylene or lead-sheathed cable, pressurized and non-pressurized cable
  • Creates an airtight, permanent bond when combined with vinyl mastic VM tape and vinyl tape 50
  • Suitable for aerial, buried and manhole applications
  • Ideal for strengthening old cables, splices and auxiliary seals
  • Fast and easy to apply, yet hardens to a strong and maintenance-free coating
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
  • 5/bulk pack
  • It works for sheath repairs, trouble openings, 90(deg) bends, long length repairs, and T-zone damage
  • Can be used on pressurized or nonpressurized cable and on either polyethylene or leadsheathed cable
  • Perfect for sheath repair, trouble openings in poly cable, and T-zone repair

3M Duct Tape 2120 A

Aggressive adhesive, Easy tear & transparent Great for bundling, patching, sealing and
general repairs where appearance matters , Excellent outdoor performance (6 times longer then other duct
tapes), can be used on plastic, wood, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber. 48 mm x 28 yards does not wrinkle, tears with
hand, water and UV resistant.


3M Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 69

3M™ Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 69 is a 7 mil woven glass cloth tape with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. UL Recognized 200°C. Printable. On a 3 inch core. For electrical OEM customers.


3M Polyester Film Electrical Tape 5

Details 3M™ Polyester Film Electrical Tape 5 is a 1 mil conformable polyester film tape with acrylic adhesive on a

3M Scotch 13

  • Semi-conducting (low resistivity)
  •  90 degree C (Overload up to 130 C)
  • EPR, Retains conductivity with
    stretch and temperature
  • Bonds with insulating material and
    minimizes stress
  • Power shielding
  • Replaces semicolon layer
  • Elongates easily to conform to
    irregular shapes
  • Compatible with all solid
    dielectric cables
  • Resistance to cracking, solvents
  • UV and moisture, used in MV cable
    joints and terminations
  • 19 mm x 4.5 meter

3M Scotch 23

  • Insulating up to 69kV
  • 90 C continuous (Overload upto 130 C)
  • Does not flow, crack or turbrittle
  • Dissipates heat
  • Noncorrosive
  • Dielectric strength 24KV for 30mil thickness
  • Retains dielectric >90% even under aggressive moisture conditions
  • Retains rubber-like consistency throughout life
  • Self-fusing, Oliner
  • 30 MIL (0.76 mm)

3M Scotch 70

  • Class “H” material
    (180°C continuous operation)
  • Workable at extremely low
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent instantaneous fusion
  • Excellent conformability
  • Excellent track resistance
  • Excellent arc resistance
  • Excellent ozone resistance
  • Silicone Rubber Tape
  • Thickness 0.3 mm
  • 25 mm x 9 meter
  • The inorganic - noncarbon link in tape

3M Scotchrap Vinyl Corrosion Protection Tape 51

  • Pressure-sensitive, rubber adhesive provides optimized adherence
  • Tape measures 1 in x 100 ft x 20 mil
  • Black PVC backing offers good mechanical strength and electrical insulation properties
  • Printed
  • Printed
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
  • 24 rolls/case, BULK

Scotch 24

All metal open weave shielding braid, conformable, temperature stable. Continue electrostatic shielding across splice

Scotch 25


  • 240 strands of #30 AWG is the approximate equivalent to #6 AWG wire
  • Ideal for grounding shield power cable and cable accessories
  • Solderable and compatible with cable oils, common solvents, adhesives, and corrosion resistance
  • Braid measures 1/2 in x 15 ft
  • Made of copper
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant

Scotch Electrical Stress Control Tape 2220

  • Gray color
  • Widthstands operatng temperatures up to 90 Degrees Celcius
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant

Scotch Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31

  • Cable outer jacket damage repair tape
  • Highest abrasion resistance
  • Moisture proof with built-in mastic
  • Non-corrosive, synthetic rubber
  • Self-healing flame retardant mastic
  • Excellent aging properties
  • MSHA approved
  • 50 mm x 8.5 feet

Applications include :

  • On-site quick cable jacket repair
  • Protective layer for trailing cable to abrasion proof
  • Repaired joints to be flexible

Scotch Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C

  • Highly conformable, rubber-resin adhesive and the self-fusing, ethylene propylene, rubber backing provides UV resistance
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties offer a moisture seal and void-free buildups
  • Suitable for splicing and terminating cables and wires
  • Provides an excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat
  • Tensile strength rating of 17 lbs. per inch meets professional electrical standards
  • Comes in black color
  • Withstands temperatures up to 194 degrees F (90 degrees C)
  • ASTM Approved and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant

Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228

  • Insulation and sealing tapes suitable for Indoor, outdoor
    and underground applications
  • Moisture proof with built-in cold fusion properties
  • EPR backing coated with stable mastic
  • Thick construction for quick build-up
  • Excellent aging properties
  • 50 mm x 10 feet
  • Moisture seal / jacket seal /
    padding of irregular shape busbar /
    bolted connection
  • Passes water seal test as per UL486D

Scotch Seal 2229 Mastic Tape

  • For sealing high voltage cable splice and
    termination accessories.
  • For insulating electrical connections rated up to
    1000 volts if overwrapped with vinyl or rubber
    electrical tape.
  • For padding irregular shaped connections.
  • For providing corrosion protection to a wide variety
    of electrical connections and applications.
  • For sealing ducts and cable end seals.
  • For sealing against dust, soil, water and other
    environmental conditions.

Scotchfill putty

  • Non-corrosive mastic adhesive in a flexible tape form
  • UL Listed and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
  • Suitable for temperatures from 32 to 176 degrees F (0 to 80 degrees C).
  • 1 roll/carton, 12 rolls/case