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Multi Five 1640 Spray

General purpose spray. Provides excellent capillarity activities, lubricating, corrosion and cleaning properties, adhesion to metals and extreme low surface tension.

Siliconi – Cleaning Starter Aprimaglia

  • It eliminates grease, glue, incrustations, ink
  • It removes the labels
  • Low evaporation
  • Colourless

Siliconi Multi-purpose PK Smart Nozzel

  • RELEASING AGENT for screws, bolts, mechanisms blocked by rust;
  • LUBRICANT for moving parts, electronic parts, automotive parts, bicycles, tools;  useful for  and household too.
  • rust-preventive action for metal surfaces,  it forms a film that grants a long last protection again corrosion caused by atmospherical agents and salt.
  • DEOXIDIZER for electrical contacts: it reactivates the oxidized contacts and eliminates electrical dispersions;
  • Water-repellent action: it eliminates water and moisture from all the treated surface;
  • Antifreeze Action: resistant to temperatures below 0°C;
  • cleaner and degreaser Action: removes grease, oil, incrustations from metal surfaces.