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3M Oil Sorbent Boom, T270/T280

  • For use in oil-only Sorbent applications
  • Can be reused, with 90% of the absorbent oil able to be rung out and reclaimed
  • Scrim encased tube of particulate Sorbent material is secured by netting.
  • Can be linked together by built-in connectors
  • Built in attachment clips are provided at each end of the boom, allowing booms to be linked together.
  • Unique double-cylinder design maximises absorption and minimises the escape of traces of oil in flowing water
  • Ideal for large areas such as streams, rivers, lakes and doc
  • UV resistant; will not deteriorate or disintegrate.
  • Recommended for use in ditches, streams, rivers, lakes, and terminal docks and piers.

3M Oil Sorbent Sweep T-126

  • For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.
  • Ideal for sweeping thin slicks on water.
  • Constructed with a durable rope encased in reinforced Sorbent material.

3M P30


3M Petroleum Sorbent Mini-Boom T-4/T-8/T-12

  • For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.
  • Available in three lengths.
  • Ideal for placing around equipment.
  • Helps prevent leaks/spills from spreading to adjacent areas.
  • Scrim on the outside of mini-boom identifies the use while containing particulate Sorbent material

3M Petroleum Sorbent Mini-Pillow T-30

  • For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.
  • Pillows are tear-resistant and feature a high capacity for holding liquid.
  • Ideal for placing at the source of a leak.



3M Petroleum Sorbent Pad T-151

  • For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.
  • Pads are conveniently sized and can be quickly spread on and in the path of a thin spill.
  • T-151 pads are half as think as T-156 pads, making them an excellent wipe.
  • May be used on a work surface in anticipation of a spill.
  • Ideal for use under docks, in shallow water, rocky shorelines, marshes, and beaches.

3M Petroleum Sorbent Roll T-100/T-150

  • For use in oil-only Sorbent applications
  • May be used on all sizes of spills/leaks
  • Cut to fit small areas or lay directly on open waters, shorelines, or discharge streams
  • Also for use on docks, boats, or under leaking machines
  • Measures 144-feet length by 38-inches width

3M™ Oil Sorbent Roll T-100

  • Hydrophobic
  • Cost-effective as oil, not water, is recovered
  • Can be used outside as well as in-plant