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  • safe, insulated measuring clamps,
  • autoranging/manual range selection,
  • DATA HOLD function, for holding measured values,
  • backlit LCD,
  • DC ZERO mode of measurement for DC current, possibility to zero the display and reading relative actual value less stored zero value,
  • MAX/MIN function,
  • over range indication,
  • AUTO-OFF function.


Universal clamp meter, enabling the maintenance of current measurements up to 2000 A, with the diameter of the clamp as 57 mm, and bus bar to 70 * 18 mm
The instrument has an electronic overload protection of all functions and ranges.



Details DC current measurement (CMP-401 only) and AC current. AC/DC voltage measurement up to 600 V. Resistance measurement and continuity


  • AC and DC current measurement (TRUE RMS) up to 600A.
  • AC and DC voltage measurement (TRUE RMS) up to 600V.
  • Acoustic signalling programmable for instances of exceeding the MAX/MIN values set.
  • Resistance measurement and continuity test:
    - continuity test with acoustic signalling (for resistance below 1000).
  • Frequency measurement.
  • Diode test.
  • Wireless cooperation with many transmitters.
  • CMP-600R compatible with a computer via a USB interface. Software provided.
  • The comfortable case for the meter and accessories.

HELLERMAN Digital Clamp Meters TBM3030 600A AC

  • Jaw size 2 6mm
  • Large LCD display
  • Diode
  • Continuity
  • Relative zero
  • Data hold

T2000 Earth Resistance Clamp

  • Jaw Size 32mm
  • 99 Memory locations
  • Resistance measurement on earth probes by means of ground loop method
  • Direct measurement on earth probes without any cable breaking
  • Measurement of leakage current on earth installations
  • The setting of alarm thresholds on measurements
  • Storage of measurement results
  • Detection of current noise on measurements
  • Data HOLD function
  • Backlit

T223 100A AC/DC


•Jaw size 12.5mm

•Concurrent reading