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3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+

Manufactured with a man-made vitreous spun fiber, a calcium magnesium
silicate (CMS) wool technology which is bio-soluble, allowing for low thermal
transfer properties in a lightweight, low profile, easy to apply the product.
Lightweight 96 kg/m3 and thin 38 mm for easier application
Broadest and most economical tested duct hanging support system in the

  • Up to 2 hour fire protection tested to AS530.4
  • Certified for grease ducts to ASTM E 2336 (including ASTM E 119 engulfment) in 2-layer systems
  • Certified for ventilation ducts to ISO6944 in 1-layer systems and for other key life-safety duct applications
  • Available in 38mm x 609 mm x 7.6m & 38mm x 1220 mm x 7.6m rolls

3M Fire barrier Plenum wrap

Applied 1-layer thick, 3M™ Fire Barrier Plenum Wrap 5A+ creates a fire-resistive enclosure that can reduce the flame spread and smoke spread ratings to acceptable levels for return air plenums. It is tested to UL 910 (NFPA 262), UL 1887, and ASTM E 84.


3M Interam E-5A-4 Mat

Resists heat and fire to protect structural steel and provide electrical circuit protection around cables, cable trays, and conduits.

  • Hydrocarbons pool fire approved systems
  • Endothermic – releases chemically bound water to cool the outer surface when exposed to high temperatures
  • Made of a combination of ceramic fibres and inorganic endothermic material
  • Easily cuts to size and flexible
  • 10 mm thick x 62.23 cm width x 6.1 m length roll size

3M Interam Endothermic Mat

3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat opens up new opportunities in building design in allowing engineers to fulfill the requirement of the