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3M Anti Rodent Repellent Spray

  • Keeps away rodents/Mice
  • Repellant Coating
  • Automotive usages

3M Scotch 1639 Polyurethane Foam Spray (400ml)

  • This 3M Scotch 1639 Polyurethane Foam Spray (400ml) is made by the prestigious 3M brand.
  •  It's a Polyurethane Foam Spray that's ideal for sealing, filling, isolating and fitting.
  • It expands upon contact with air, allowing for perfect sealing.
  • This guarantees proper thermal and acoustic isolation. Contains 400ml.

Special Contact Cleaner 1625 Spray

  • Loosens dirt, light oxide layers, and impurities of every kind in
    an effective gentle manner.
  • Electrically neutral and totally residue-free