3M Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kits, 11KV/22KV/33KV

  • One part joint body
  • 100% tested after manufacture
  • No heat required
  • Tool free installation
  • Permanent radial pressure
  • Suitable for paper and polymeric cables
  • Compatible with compression and mechanical connectors
  • Low temperature installation
  • Provides consistent installation quality

3M High Voltage Cold Shrink Termination 66kv/72.5kv

  • The versatile design of the silicone cold shrink Termination body allows installation on a wide range of cable sizes and types and a fast and easy installation at temperatures ranging from - 20°C to + 50°C.
  • No heat, flame, or special tools are needed during splice body installation.
  • Accommodates crimp or mechanical Lugs up to 110mm in diameter.
  • Wide application range covering several cable cross sectional areas from 120mm² – 2000mm².
  • Solderless earth connection to copper screen wires or lead sheath.
  • Silicone rubber Cold Shrink outer rain sheds and sealing PST’s provide physical protection and moisture sealing of the completed Termination. Datasheet Page 2 of 3 Issue 7
  • The Silicone outer rain sheds of the Termination makes it ideal for zones with maximum environmental contamination, industrial or coastal.
  • Creepage path connection for additional protection in areas of high pollution.

3M High Voltage Cold Shrink Termination Kit 110kv(123kv)/132kv(145kv)

  • Light weight
  • Dry design - does not require liquid dielectric
  • Can be installed at any angle or inverted
  • No special maintenance required
  • Top - and bottom - sealing system based on proven cold shrink technology
  • Alternating sheds (skirts)
  • One-piece factory-tested push-on termination body