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3M BBI-A Busbar Sleeves

Get durable and reliable protection that helps prevent failures and downtime in applications from 5-25 kV. 3M™ Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Tubing BBI-3A covers and insulates rectangular, square or round bus bars, and resists splitting and solvents.


3M Heat Shrink Sleeves

  •  Single wall
  • Adhesive Lined (Moisture sealing)
  • Dual walled for abrasion resiatnce
  • High temperature resistant ( Upto 200 degree)
  • Flexible post shrinking VFP
  • Higher shrink ratio
  • Temperature stable from -55O to + 200O
  • Halogen free
  • ULApproved
  • Resistant to fuel , chemicals
  • Flame retardant

3M Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing FP-301

3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing FP-301 offers an outstanding balance of electrical, physical and chemical properties for a variety of industrial and military applications. FP-301 tubing is split resistant, mechanically tough, easily marked and resists cold flow.


3M Thin Wall Heat Shrink Halogen Free

  • Ideal for cable marking and identification applications
  • Used in electronics, communication and transportation industries where it is necessary to limit toxic gases emitted in a fire.
  • Halogen free; low toxic