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11/22/33kv – Medium Voltage (MV) Splice

  • One-piece multilayer silicone splice
  • Reduce the time, labor and cost
    involved in both above and below
    splice application
  • Integrated stress control device,
    insulation and outer semi-conductive
  • Permanent radial pressure guarantees
    a reliable function over the entire
  • The outer semi-conductive layer reestablishes
    the cable screen

110kv(123kv) / 132kv (145kv) Splice

Applications One-piece, cold shrink silicone rubber joint for in-line and cross bond applications No special tools required Short installation length

110kv(123kv)/132kv (145kv) Termination

Applications One-piece dry termination, for indoor or outdoor installations Lightweight Dry design – does not require liquid dielectric Can be


Details Item Number 11676 HP-Master Quickcrimper   Part Comment HP-Master® Quickcrimper The stripped wire with sleeve can be crimped single-handed with

11kv/22kv/33kv – Medium Voltage (MV) Termination

  • Based on specially formulated, trackresistant,
    silicone rubber insulators
    with “built-in” Hi-K stress relief.
  • Resistant to severe weathering,
    temperature extremes, heavy moisture
    and prolonged  industrial
  • 3M termination kits offer you:
    - Fast, easy installation
    - Reliable, long-lasting materials
    - Solutions to fit your specs


  • Moisture Resistant Seal
  • Flame Retardant
  • Maximum Insulation 0.155" (3,94)
  • Wire Range 22-14 (0,5-1,5)
  • Temperature 105*C (221*F)


  • Dry Environment Applications.
  • Flame Retardant
  • Maximum Insulation 0.155″ (3,94)
  • Wire Range 22-14 (0,5-1,5)
  • Temperature 105*C (221*F)

316 IR

  • Moisture Resistant Applications
  • Maximum Insulation 0.155″ (3,94)
  • Wire Range 22-16 (0,5-1,5)
  • Temperature 105*C (221*F)

3M “Performance Plus” connectors

  •  Steel Spring
  •  Corrosion resistant coating
  •  Shell is made of Flame Retardant material.
  • Wire Range (SQ MM): 0.75 sq mm to 10 sq mm

3M 1328 Alnox

  • Contact not 100% which increases
  • Loosing of joint over a period of time.
  • Uneven pressure both in crimping as well as
    a thimble. Pressure is more near bolt and less
    as we approach edges.
  • Oxidation in copper and aluminum further
    increases resistance.

3M 525W

  • Ambient temperature curing 
  • Convenient to use
  • Good insulation 
  • Excellent UV resistance 
  • Outstanding flexibility 
  • Good heating resistance 
  • Good flame retardant performance

3M Anisotropic Conductive Film 5363

Details 3M™ Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) 5363 is a heat-bondable, electrically conductive adhesive film. The unbonded film is non-tacky at

3M Anti Rodent Repellent Spray

  • Keeps away rodents/Mice
  • Repellant Coating
  • Automotive usages

3M Armorcast Structural Material 4560-15

  • Flexible fiberglass knit fabric strip, saturated with a curable black urethane resin syrup that starts to cure after adding water
  • Once wet, the fiber strip becomes tacky and sticks to itself
  • Compatible with coaxial, copper, fiber cables, polyethylene or lead-sheathed cable, pressurized and non-pressurized cable
  • Creates an airtight, permanent bond when combined with vinyl mastic VM tape and vinyl tape 50
  • Suitable for aerial, buried and manhole applications
  • Ideal for strengthening old cables, splices and auxiliary seals
  • Fast and easy to apply, yet hardens to a strong and maintenance-free coating
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
  • 5/bulk pack
  • It works for sheath repairs, trouble openings, 90(deg) bends, long length repairs, and T-zone damage
  • Can be used on pressurized or nonpressurized cable and on either polyethylene or leadsheathed cable
  • Perfect for sheath repair, trouble openings in poly cable, and T-zone repair

3M BBI-A Busbar Sleeves

Get durable and reliable protection that helps prevent failures and downtime in applications from 5-25 kV. 3M™ Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Tubing BBI-3A covers and insulates rectangular, square or round bus bars, and resists splitting and solvents.


3M CCI Tubes

3M™ Conductor Covers CCI Series are extruded silicone rubber tubes designed for field installation over bare conductors to insulate them from adjacent phases, grounded equipment, and animal contact.

3M CeQuin

3M™ CeQUIN™ 3000 paper is composed of approximately 74% inorganic content as compared to the 90% inorganic content of CeQUIN I paper. CeQUIN 3000 paper may be laminated with polyester film, or glass fabric to enhance initial dielectric strength or improve mechanical manageability. CeQUIN 3000 paper is available in continuous roll stock up to 36 inches wide, as slit tape, or sheets.


3M Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kits, 11KV/22KV/33KV

  • One part joint body
  • 100% tested after manufacture
  • No heat required
  • Tool free installation
  • Permanent radial pressure
  • Suitable for paper and polymeric cables
  • Compatible with compression and mechanical connectors
  • Low temperature installation
  • Provides consistent installation quality

3M Electromagnetic Compatible Products

These solutions include an innovative line of 3M™ Electromagnetic Compatible Products that can control electromagnetic interference from internal sources, limit

3M EMI Embossed Tinplated Copper Shielding Tape 1245

Details Embossed, copper foil backing resists discoloration and oxidation Offers stable contact resistance and good shielding effectiveness Embossed backing cuts

3M EMS(Locator Marker)

  • Pre-set auxiliary frequencies for power, CATV, radio and long haul fiber applications.
  • Directional peak, directional null, single peak locate modes.
  • Large backlight, high resolution, graphic display.
  • Push-button cable/pipe depth readout with continuous depth measurement mode.
  • Large backlit, high-resolution graphic display
  • PC interface via standard RS232/USB
  • User-configurable features and interface
  • Detects all seven EMS marker frequencies
  • Locator PC tools software
  • iD marker read/write capability
  • Dual marker frequency search-simultaneous
  • iD Marker depth estimation

3M Fire Dam 2000 Coating

  • Good adhesion to most surfaces
  • Up to 4 hours fire rating for penetration
  • Applied using common trade tools, Spray, trowel or brush

3M FireDam 240

Large electrical and mechanical through penetrations can be sealed to provide up to 4 hours fire rating using 3M™ FireDam™ 2000 Coating applied on mineral fiber board known as 3M FireDam™ 240 Coated Mineral Board. In the presence of heat or fire, the coating on top of 3M™ FireDam™ 240 intumesces (expands) up to 10 times, forming an insulating char which significantly slows any heat transfer. The expanding char fills voids,including those left by perishing materials.