ECO-F01 Ionizing Blower

Specifications:  Working Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz  Working Current: 0.13Amps (at the highest air speed) Air Output: 100CFM (at the highest

Hunter 381 ESD Vacuum Pickup Station

  • Built-in diaphragm pump
  • Lift objective weight up to 120g
  • ESD safe by Design

Hunter 491 ESD Fume Purifying / Filtering System

  • Fume Purifying and Filtering for particle and gases
  • Filtrating Harmful substance
  • Design as Purifier, Pre-Filter, HEPA or Gas Filter
  • Built-in Air cycling filtering system
  • Low noise, Long lasting brushless fan

Hunter 939 Handheld ESD Vacuum Pen Set

  • Able lift objective up to 50g
  • Come with 3 different nozzles